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  • Exilis vs. Liposuction

    Exilis is a noninvasive technology that uses both infrared and mono-polar radio frequency to tighten and reduce fat in troublesome areas. Exilis can be used on both the face and the body but only on the body would both the infrared and radio frequency be used; we do not want to reduce fat in the face as it may cause premature signs of aging thus only infrared can be used..


    Although we have had great results in our offices, Exilis is NOT liposuction. Exilis will shrink down fat cells during the treatment while liposuction physically removes these cells.




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  • What is DermaSweep?

    Dr. Thanapathy is a DermaSweep medical and spa professional offering you the latest innovation in skin rejuvenation with a microdermabrasion system that eliminates the messy and the painful crystals other systems use to remove dead skin.


    Dermasweep features a closed system with a variable level vacuum pump. It gently lifts the skin surface as the device "sweeps away" the dead skin layer resulting in a deeper peel and polish of your skin.




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  • Everlasting Beauty with Vampire Face Lift & Breast Lift

    The state of art for facelifts is now noninvasive. It involves CELLULAR MEDICINE and sculpting with entitites like radio frequencies.


    To better understand why CELLULAR MEDICINE forms the foundation of health and beauty, consider your bed.  if you get a surgical facelift, you get a tighter sheet.  If you use cellular medicine to make the skin healthier, you get a newsheet (epidermis), a new mattress(dermis) and new box springs (fatty tissue and bone)


    The Vampire Breast Lift procedures use the same principle of activating unipotent stem cells as is used in the Vampire Facelift.




    Experience the journey to a younger you with Dr. Thanapathy, your Vampire FaceLift professional.


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  • "O-Shot" aka Orgasm Shot

    Sexual Dysfunction occurs in about 40% of females. This is a very conservative estimate.


    Female sexual dysfunction maybe due to decreased desire, arousal or lack of orgasms.


    The O Shot is a simple office based procedure that helps women achieve increased sexual satisfaction. It is done by taking a blood specimen and processing it to isolate the PRP which is rich on growth factors. The PRP is injected into the clitoris and the vagina. This will activate your own stem cells to regenerate and renew your tissues. The result is more satisfying  and often multiple orgasms as well as vaginal tightening which in many cases helped with mild stress incontinence. Not all women will achieve the same amount of sexual satisfaction and in fact some have reportedly little or no improvement.


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At the office of A Woman for Women Medical Group Inc., we believe in “patients first.” We pride ourselves in providing you with a high quality of personal care from the moment you call our offices to the day of your visit.


Dr. Thanapathy has extensive experience in women’s health, performing a number of gynecological procedures and providing each expectant mother with the best treatment combined with warmth, care, and understanding.


Dr. Thanapathy believes: “The greatest privilege a physician can be given is to care for a mother and her unborn child. We graciously accept this responsibility”.


Please take a look at our web site as we offer a number of  brand new services through our office. We see a variety of patients: expectant mothers, teens/family planning, and period and bladder issues We look forward to seeing you soon and please call with any questions and/or to make your appointment today.


If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call (408) 847-4200 or Email: AWoman4Women@gmail.com



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Recent Yelp Review

This doctor is AMAZING!! Not only did she provide the most amazing care for my two pregnancies and the births of my two little boys (which ended up being high risk and she handled things beautifully) - we now have a healthy and happy family today because of her I mean it because of her and the precautions and care she took -


BUT in all selfishness now she is also taking the most incredible care of my skin currently with her new spa treatments.  Ladies, this doctor really is just a wonderful person and an amazing professional - she brings you in and you just feel like you are going to be taken care of from head to toe.  She is great and always pushes herself towards excellence in all that she does.  I highly recommend her!!  My skin looks great and I am getting compliments all the time. and no its not painful, not invasive, and its not Botox, you'll just have to go see her to find out how she works these miracles that erase the stress lines and wrinkles that the lack of sleep, our stressful jobs and lets not forget... that these little bundles of heaven create!  Go see her!


From Yelp Review Nicole N. 3/25/2012